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The Oak and the Ash (SSA) – Schram

There was a lot of rivalry between the families and the groups of workers would generally keep apart. However, as might be expected, where the boundaries met it was occasionally impossible for the workers not to meet and pass the time of day with people from outside their own close knit community. Thus it was that one day, during the last days of harvest. A young lady from Peckleton caught the eye of a young man from Earl Shilton. On the far side of the valley. From this very first moment, a spark was kindled in their hearts. At every opportunity they would glance up from their labours and smile at each other.

As the days became shorter and the harvest drew to a close, the young man decided that he must arrange a meeting with the girl before they would have to return to their respective villages. Perhaps never to see each other again. As luck would have it, just as he was despairing of getting close enough to speak to her, he was asked by his father to fetch water from the stream. To do this he would have to pass close by the girl. With this he moved away, wondering if she would turn up.

He had no need to worry for the girl had indeed fallen in love with him. Although he had only ever smiled at her, she knew in her heart there could never be another man for her. Throughout the autumn and at every opportunity in the winter they would meet at the same spot.

The Oak And The Ash

They would spend an hour or two enjoying the changing of the seasons and each others company. Their love growing stronger by the day. Unfortunately, although they wished only to be together forever, their parents had other ideas. This almost broke her heart but, as an obedient daughter, she knew she would have to agree to the match. Therefore on a day in early Spring, as she sat with her love at the spot where they had courted since the first shy glances across the golden sheaves of corn, she sobbed.

Due to the fact that they must part forever.

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There was no chance of eloping as they had no money. Although broken hearted, the young man accepted that his beloved would never truly be his. This must be their last meeting.

Dashing Away With the Smoothing Iron

Suddenly he had an idea. Although no one must know of their secret tryst, there could still be a memorial to their love. They would each collect the seed of a tree and plant them side by side. He chose an acorn. Guest bloggers: With all this talk of the arrival of spring and what it means for the summer, our friends Kimberley Tew and Beverley Gormley at the Woodland Trust wanted to get their two cents in.

Ever heard the old rhyme "If the oak before the ash, then we'll only have a splash, if the ash before the oak, then we'll surely have a soak"? If it's to be believed we could be in for a pretty dry summer. It looks like oak is leafing first this year. According to records submitted to Nature's Calendar so far this year, oak is leafing first, with the first recorded observation coming in on 21 March. Ash leaves weren't recorded until 4 April. Ash has beaten oak only a handful of times in the last half century thanks to our warmer springs. However back in the 18th century, ash used to have a better chance of beating oak as springs were very different.

Ash leaves are thought to respond to sunshine more than temperature. Usually oak leafs in late March-May which is about two weeks earlier than 30 years ago. Ash usually leafs during April and May, about days earlier than 30 years ago. Oak is temperature sensitive so this year's above average spring temperatures caused its leaves to start to grow well ahead of the ash trees.

Ash trees are much less responsive to temperature and are believed to respond more to sunshine, although this is yet to be confirmed. Great tits may suffer from being out of synch with oak-loving caterpillars because of climate change. Oak seems to be a climate change winner but this will have a knock-on effect for the wildlife that rely on it unless they adapt.

Many woodland species are interdependent, such as the winter moth whose caterpillars feed on the oak, and great tits who feed on the caterpillars. Insects seem to be adapting, but scientists are concerned that birds are lagging behind their food sources. Are we in for a dry summer? So does all this mean we really are in for a dry summer? Sadly, the Woodland Trust has found that the rhyme has no foundation in truth so don't chuck out your umbrellas just yet. I bring this up as a reminder of why our language has become so complicated. Our essential timidity has repeatedly led us to do violence to anything too different from ourselves.

We often prefer a familiar evil to an unfamiliar blessing. Our language changes continuously to reflect our current comfort levels.

The Oak and the Ash

We alter letters, sounds, entire words, and all the music of language in order to accommodate individual comfort levels. Most of the images that demonstrate the sense of our words were removed because of our fears and superstitions. Think ethics and Beth El. According to Dr. All languages begin with pictures and those pictures represent the images within our Minds.

Frequently the images are destroyed because we confuse the symbols with Idol worship, just like we confuse a word with the thing it is representing. Then there is the converse, which is almost the same: people will argue whether god or God exists. This is presently relevant since many runic documents and structures have been destroyed because they were considered to be Idols.

The Oak and the Ash (North Country Maid), folk song Lyrics

Those who destroy presumed Idols are the greatest idol-worshipers of all; because, they are proving the power within the symbols by attacking the symbol in order to destroy the thing itself. These are all those forces of Nature which we can perceive but cannot understand. Magnetism and electricity are two of these.

From what I am finding in our language, it indicates to me that there are many things we think we understand -but actually do not have a clue just how broad is the territory to be explored. Many of these forces are represented with the one rune which most often differs from one runerow to another.

When we finally grasp the sense of our language, we will discover evidence of territories still to be explored. I have just demonstrated this by stumbling over evidence of the third iconic tree symbol of our language.