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Starring the gorgeous and apparently hard-working Jessica Marais as Lily, a producer on a breakfast television program, The Wrong Girl is light, funny and broadly appealing, well-targeted toward a swath of young female viewers who were likely getting their romcom jollies from streaming services like Netflix and Stan. The Wrong Girl more or less begins with Lily spoiling her chances at making nice with the new chef, who wears a white T-shirt and a wry smile extremely well. In the harsh light of day and after an hilarious slapstick sequence involving a mad dash across Melbourne , Lily realises her error could cost her her job, and so sets about trying to win Jack over.

To add to the romantic tangle, Lily is still recovering from an awkward tryst with her longtime mate Pete Ian Meadows : a hapless barista and wannabe novelist who has his sights set on someone else. Let the romcom hijinks begin! Someone at Channel Ten no doubt received a lot of dough for the advertorial money shots of Marais touching on her Myki. This feels somewhat surprising coming from TV vet and young-Melbournite-expert Judi McCrossin The Time of Our Lives, The Secret Life of Us ; certainly, McCrossin and her team could have taken a hint or two from the aforementioned Offspring, which does an excellent job of being quintessentially Melbourne without shoving its location too far down your throat.

The Wrong Girl, Season 1

Marais sparkles as Lily, who is meant to be a relatable everywoman type and so dresses in dowdy street clothes and appears rather humourless at times. This is the smart way in which the romcom has overtaken TV: the chance at a longer, more satisfying courting period for our fictional friends. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Australian television. We are a multi-tasking, filmmaking force with camera skills, rental gear, and production prowess.

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  3. Accessibility Links current page is MS'ed With The Wrong Girl Project Page;
  4. We are honoured to share this project with you. Somebody who may look normal on the outside may be fighting to feel normal on the inside. One purpose for this film is to create awareness for Multiple Sclerosis MS , a disease still without a cure and symptoms and causes yet to be discovered. How does somebody live will a disease that may never be cured? How does that disease affect your family, friends, and romantic relationships?

    Belle and Sebastian - The Wrong Girl

    And how does a person push past all the self-doubt and negativity to grow. Patrycia is doing her best to find answers to those questions. If a filmmaker can make their audience feel like they have lived a moment with the central character, empathy will make the experience and impact more powerful.

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    For those moments, Patrycia has agreed to use her iPhone to create a diary of sorts and she will film herself in those moments we are not there, adding another layer of intimacy between her story and our audience. We are going to transcend those barriers and show the challenges of living with MS. This documentary is for anyone struggling with a daily chronic illness. Canada has one of the highest rates of MS in the entire world, and can affect anyone from children to middle-aged, to older adults. This documentary hopes to inspire the families and friends who constantly care for and support their loved ones who have MS.

    This documentary is also for those needing to see someone struggle and succeed, to serve as inspiration.

    MS'ed With The Wrong Girl

    Patrycia Rzechowka is, outwardly, an ambassador fighting to end MS. Her values are based on her connections to the important people in her life — family, friends, supporters, mentors and mentees. Patrycia hopes that those who see her speak or follow her challenges with MS can remember one thing: everyone is going through something.