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A few moments had passed then your cell phone began to vibrate. You looked down at the phone screen and a stupid grin imprinted on your face when you saw who it was, almost shyly biting on your bottom lip. I just wanted to tell you that I love you and I miss you. That one weekend 2 months ago was not enough :. Looking around your apartment you realized it could use a little cleaning.

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Not that it really needed it, but it gave you something to do to pass the time on your day off from work. You decided to do what you always did, start with the back rooms then work your way out to the main rooms, like the living room and the kitchen. It was something weird your mom taught you to do, you never understood why, but you kept doing it anyway. You headed over and opened the door to find a delivery man standing there with a box that looked like chocolates. He handed you a brick sized electronic device to sign. Once you finished signing, you both made the exchange and you noticed the box had a small note attached.

You smiled as you closed the door and quickly removed the note from its small envelope. I hope you love the chocolates and flowers. You swung the door open then you froze, standing there with wide eyes like you were seeing a ghost. It only took seconds for you both to move from the door to the couch, without breaking the kiss. He set your flowers aside on the coffee table then his fingers jumbled to unbutton your shirt. Originally posted by diedwhenilostyou. Suddenly your shirt was undone and the buttons could be heard falling onto the floor.

Grayson took a second to scan his eyes up and down, admiring your body. His hand gradually ran up your side, cupping your breast that was covered with lace material. You smiled partially as your teeth grazed against your bottom lip. Chills spread throughout your body with his hands gently glided along your skin. It was almost surreal that he was back. A grin etched his face. Not long after, he tugged down your pants, along with your panties in one quick motion, and dropped them onto the floor.

He briefly stood to remove his pants as you reached down and began to slowly tease your fingers along your already wet slit in encouragement to make him rush. He slid his pants off then kicked them across the floor and pulled your hand away from your opening, seeing your fingers already covered in your juices. Grayson positioned himself between your legs and grasped onto his stiff length, gradually stroking himself as he teased his tip at your already swollen clit. You gasped as you arched your back, your legs already wrapped loosely around his waist, but your walls hugged firmly around his length.

He released a groan with an almost surprised undertone, nearly forgetting how tight you were. Right then was the moment all the imagines came flooding into your mind of all the other girls that have been all over him. Hugging up on him, kissing him, faking love scenes—you needed to remind Grayson of why he came back home to you. You pressed your hands against his chest for support and started to roll your hips, slow and hard, just the way he loved it.

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That low groan that you missed so much emitted from his lips and his long fingers gripped tightly onto your waist. In fact, you began to thrust your hips even faster, both of your moans filling the room and it only increased from there. Grayson pulled you down against his chest and began thrusting up into you deeply, your loud moans now bordering screams that only encouraged him to thrust harder. You collapsed against his sweaty chest as you felt his hot creamy load spill inside of you. He moaned softly with his continued thrusts, helping you to ride out your orgasm.

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For a moment you both remained silent, lying there in bliss, him kissing along your sweaty forehead. That changed as soon as you both began to laugh tiredly. It only appeared cute to him. You kissed his lips one last time then got up from being on top of him and ran off to the bathroom, of course he waited and watched you go before he got up himself to grab his bag hastily from the hall. Once he brought the bag inside, Grayson opened his duffle and pulled out a small red box, opening it up to see the diamond ring inside.

He grinned contently as he stared at it for a moment then closed the box and put it back in the bag.

Come on! He zipped up the bag and made his way toward the bathroom. Originally posted by punishmedolans. You wipe away your tears as you take a deep breath, your eyes focused on the snow commencing to lightly fall as you turn the car off.

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You step out of the car, feeling the frost bitten air sting your cheeks, sending cold chills through your body, making you feel bitterly worse emotionally. You close your door, locking the car before conscientiously walking closer to the house, careful to pay attention to the icy patches. You pull yourself up the steps, fumbling with your keys to unlock the front door. With a great struggle, you manage to unlock the door with bitter cold hands. Closing the heavy door stealthily, you consecutively make your way further into the tepid house, making your way up the stairs, eventually entering the bedroom.

With a quiet sigh you place your bag down, staring into the darkness of the room for a split moment. Your heart is filled with contentment for a moment, a slight smile appearing on your face before it fades away. You sit on the side of the bed, delicately running your hand down his arm, leisurely waking him from his perfect slumber.

His eyes increasingly open and he takes a moment to focus before expressing a tired. You both grow serene, silence filling the space between you both, his hand mannerly latching yours.

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After a few moments you delicately pull away from his touch and stand to your feet, walking towards the drawers to grab more comfortable clothes. You grab the warm pyjamas, hastily changing into them before turning towards the bed. The bedside lamp switches on and illuminates the room, causing you to sigh as you adjust your eyes to the abrupt radiance. Ethan gets out of bed, rubbing his eyes before gazing towards you. You place your hand with his and he stealthily guides you out of the bedroom, leading you to the stairs.

Properties that increase your sex hormones, dopamine or testosterone, include Vitamin B, Vitamin E, zinc and potassium. Scientific research has also found that properties Omega 3, folic acid, citrulline, and aid blood circulation to the genitals through the release of nitric oxide, which allows for arousal and lubrication. Here are the top natural aphrodisiac foods that boost your sex drive Hopkins and Lockridge recommend:. Not only is this long, firm vegetable temptingly phallic, but paired with some buttery garlic sauce it makes for a delicious starter to woo a lover with.

However, with the miracles of science, today we do know that asparagus contains many properties good for stimulating the sex hormones, including potassium, phosphorous, folic acid, vitamin E and B6. Sweet, succulent, sticky, sensual. Honey is not only the nectar of flowers, but is symbolic as the nectar of a woman.

Amrita, female ejaculation, is known as the nectar of the goddess. It has been advocated as a natural aphrodisiac food since the ancient times. In the ancient sanskrit text, Kama Sutra, it was written that the groom would receive honey on his wedding day. Today we know that it is filled with Vitamin B, which is good for testosterone production. Additionally the fructose sugar will slowly release energy — great for keeping stamina in the bedroom.

You could try pouring it and licking it off of each other… But you may want to lay down your Sheets of San Francisco for an easy clean up. Perhaps a less messy food, but just as historically renowned as a natural aphrodisiac food that increases sex drive. Found inside the pine cone, pine nuts were prescribed by ancient Greek physician Galen, in the 2nd century for their sexual powers. They make a great addition to many meals… sprinkle them on a pasta, salad, or maybe eat them as they are in all their deliciousness.

Roasting them releases a delectable aroma — which will get you slurping in anticipation. The high amounts of zinc is amazing for lubrication. Also found to be high in L-arginine which helps with getting our blood flow where it needs to be! What about the one where Big tells Carrie about his involvement with the movie star Willow Summers?

Raw is an actual restaurant, but the location was not the same.

If You Want Breakfast in Bed, Sleep in the Kitchen

Pretty sure the brunch place is based on Cafeteria in Chelsea as its open 24hr and in one episode Carrie meera Miranda there at 3am. The wide mix food they each order would also be available there.

The coffee shop where the 4 girls always seem to meet is not a real restaurant, its a sound stage built for filming. Can someone tell me where Carrie and Enid went to eat in the episode when Enid asked Carrie if Alexksandr could fix her up with one of his friends. Enid ordered a dish called The Dorado in which the waiter told her it was a large dish meant for two people to share so Carrie ordered it as well so they could share it. Could someone please tell me which restaurant they were at. Your email address will not be published.

Read More. Skip to content Skip to footer. Is that sobu fusion place real where big does take out in SATC 2 the movie? I would really also like to know what the place they all 4 always eat is called!?!?