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To celebrate moms everywhere — in all shapes, sizes and textures — we've pulled together some of our favourite baby animal and mother pictures from around the world. Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day.

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All Sections. She gives birth while in den isolation, then when Spring arrives around March, Mom leads her cubs out to the ice to hunt seals. This is the beginning of a two-and-a-half year period where the cubs stick closely by her side. If you've ever seen a video of a baby orangutan clutching to her mother, you know they are close -- sometimes the baby can barely be seen nestled in her mom's fur. But this bond isn't just when they are young -- as orangutans grow, they learn everything from foraging to nest-building from their mothers.

They spend six to seven years with mom, but even after they move out of the nest, female orangutans will often "visit" their mothers until they reach the age of 15 or After she lays an egg, an emperor penguin mom will walk 50 miles to the ocean to catch fish and then return to regurgitate that fish to the hatched chick.


The male, who has been keeping the chick warm while mom was away, passes the chick back to the feet of the female, who keeps him tucked close to her body to avoid the cold, which can kill a chick in just two minutes. Not only this, but a penguin mom has also been observed grieving for her young chick -- because they only lay one egg each year, the chicks are incredibly valuable to penguin moms. How could they not be, when they look like this?

The largest land mammal on the earth has one of the strongest bonds between her calf. With the longest gestation period of any mammal 22 months , elephant moms nurse their calves for four to six years. Even after they are weaned, elephants stay with their mothers for about 16 years. Even more impressive -- elephants, which live in tight-knit matrilineal family groups, are really raised by more than one female in the herd.

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