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The best way to understand how you need to respond to being down is to have been in that scenario many times before — and having the confidence that you can turn things around. Playing with no-Ad scoring or even running scenarios starting at certain scores can help. It should go without saying that teamwork is absolutely vital in doubles. It can be easy to blame your partner for a loss or dropped points, however, these are the precise moments where you need to step up with renewed intensity and focus as a unit.

If you and your partner are constantly scolding each other over a mistake, then your partnership will breakdown very quickly and you will see limited success.

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To get the best out of your relationship, you need help to bring the best out of your teammate with positive reinforcement that solidifies the relationship with your partner. Communication is essential for any doubles partnership who want to compete. Tennis is a fast moving game and matches are often won or lost by the smallest margins.

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In these scenarios communication or a lack of communication, can be the difference. In fact, a less-capable team, with better communication and teamwork will beat a stronger dysfunctional team every time. We have previously covered how to improve communication in doubles partnerships in detail on our blog. Mindbox MDBX is here to help players of all level and ability to improve the mental aspect of their game. With an ever-growing library of audio tracks including a range of tracks focused around the mental sides of a doubles match.

Sign up for Mindbox today and make a positive step towards mastering the mental game of tennis. Improving the mental strength of doubles tennis players. Focus on the same goal While it may seem obvious, remaining focused at all times throughout a tennis match is a fundamental skill all players need to develop. Execute your game plan We have recently covered the importance of developing a mental game plan in detail. Work as a team It should go without saying that teamwork is absolutely vital in doubles. Give your body time to digest and store your food as energy by eating a vegetable, fruit, and carbohydrate-based meal well before the competition.

Bring snacks, like fruit, a small lunch, and plenty of your own water or sports drinks if you are playing more than one match in a day. Bring all the necessary tennis gear to the match. A week before the tournament, assess what gear you do not already have. Consider purchasing new gear, like a racquet or tennis shoes, if what you have is worn out or old.


Cotton shirts will keep you cool if it is hot out, and provide warmth if you are playing in the cold. Headbands and wristbands are important to keep sweat out of your eyes and off of your hands while playing. Bring a towel to wipe the sweat from your face and arms in between play. If the tournament does not supply tennis balls, bring your own for the match and for warming up. Arrive at least thirty minutes early to warm up.

Before your first match, it is important to warm up properly to avoid injury and prepare your body for the competition. Go for a five minute jog before your match to loosen your muscles and increase your heart rate. Stretch your major muscles groups, like your quads and back muscles, before the match to increase flexibility and help avoid injury.

Visualize your success to calm yourself.

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It is easy to get nervous on the day of a tennis tournament, but nerves will only get in the way of you winning. Picture yourself winning the tennis match, going through each set and seeing yourself succeed. This visualization will calm your nerves and help you stay confident in the moments before the match starts. Create a plan based on your strengths.

After practicing and preparing for the match, you will know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Regardless of who your opponent is, create a game plan that hinges on your strengths and that allows you to capitalize on these strengths. Having a game plan that fits your strengths will help you stay confident and raise your chances of succeeding. Observe your opponent before the match starts.

If your opponent is warming up before the match, pay close attention to their volley style, if they prefer forehand or backhand hits, and implement a plan of attack. Find a weakness in your opponent, whether they are slower to the left or right or avoid certain movements, and focus on taking advantage of this weakness. Focus on using your strengths.

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Know what hitting patterns you are most comfortable with and plan to use your strongest hand as often as possible. You can ensure that the ball will be hit toward your strong hand by strategically placing your shots in advance. Place your shots on the side of the court that forces your opponent to return the ball to your strong hand.

Consider the weather conditions and how they will affect the match. Weather can be used to your advantage if you strategize correctly. By planning ahead and anticipating the weather conditions before the match, you will be prepared and have an advantage over your opponent.

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  7. Keep the weather as a part of your game plan so that you can be prepared and ready for whatever comes your way. Plan to save energy for the end of the match. Strategically pace your gameplay so that you can surprise your opponent with a burst of energy at the end of the match. If your opponent has wasted all of their energy, you can gain some extra, last minute points to finalize your win. Use your game plan to stay focused during the match. When under pressure, concentrate on your game plan and strategy and do not stray from it. This focus will keep you from having negative, distracting thoughts.

    Stay confident and composed during the match. With your practice and preparation for the match behind you, let your experience in practice give you confidence and strength during the competition. This will slow down your heart rate and give you a boost of confidence. Find what works and stick with it. Exploit what has worked in the match already and stay confident in your strategy. Use your best serve patterns at important points in the game, like on game points, to have confidence during integral moments in the match.

    Dictate the speed of play yourself. Notice whether your opponent prefers playing at a hard, aggressive pace, or if they prefer a slower game. Determine the pacing of the game by accelerating the match speed or slowing it down when you can, both during play and in between sets. Create a ritual that will keep you composed. Implement a ritual in between shots that is comfortable and natural. This ritual will help you find a rhythm and will keep you in a state of flow throughout the match. Once you find your ritual, whether it be verbal or physical, do not stray from it in between play.

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    If you need inspiration, observe some professional tennis players and see what they use as rituals. Some may spin their racquet in a specific way between every point, or bounce the ball a specific number of times before each serve. Observe your opponent and look for their emotional cues.

    Improving the mental strength of doubles tennis players

    During the match, look for signs of your opponent being frustrated or upset. These cues could take the form of a deep sigh, shaking of the head, or shrugging of the shoulders. Repeat whatever you did to cause one of these negative emotions as often as possible. Be aware of where your opponent is most comfortable.

    Where your opponent stands during game play can show you a lot about their strategy. Plan your shots to take your opponent out of their comfort zone and keep them from staying in one position. Win each match to move on in the tournament. Each tournament will have a different structure, but you usually will need to win each match to continue in the tournament.