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An FBI deep-woods tracker attempts to capture a trained assassin who has made a sport of hunting humans. Director: William Friedkin. From metacritic. Looking for Mr. Good "Hunt" Movies. Share this Rating Title: The Hunted 6. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Bonham Benicio Del Toro Aaron Hallam Connie Nielsen Abby Durrell Leslie Stefanson Irene Kravitz John Finn Harry Van Zandt Mark Pellegrino Dale Hewitt Jenna Boyd Loretta Kravitz Aaron DeCone Kohler Lonny Chapman Zander Rex Linn Powell Eddie Velez Richards Alexander MacKenzie Edit Storyline After a spate of grisly murders performed in an almost ritualistic way, the experienced survival expert and former military instructor, L.

Country: USA. Language: English Serbo-Croatian. Runtime: 94 min. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know?

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In a corner of the cargo bay, Danar smiles, and emerges from hiding, leaving the pressure suit which he only needed to protect himself from the gas behind. But Worf, having out-thought the Angosian for once, emerges from hiding, aiming his phaser. He congratulates Danar for his extreme cunning, remarking that he must have Klingon blood, but orders him to surrender. At that moment, the phaser in the Jefferies tube explodes, shutting down the lights in the cargo bay.

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That brief distraction is all Danar needs to tackle Worf, and knock him unconscious after a brief struggle. Using his phaser to power the transporter, Danar successfully beams himself onto the Angosian police shuttle and takes its pilots hostage. With the Enterprise external sensors disabled by the explosion, it has no way to track him, and Danar has made a clean getaway.

When the Enterprise restores its systems, Nayrok informs them that Danar has organized a mass breakout from Lunar V, and that several soldiers have made their way to Angosia and entered the capital city. Nayrok urgently asks Picard for help. Picard, Worf, Troi and Data beam down to the surface while Nayrok's staff are arming themselves. Nayrok is surprised to see only four members of the away team — he was expecting Picard to bring an army to protect them. Picard says the Federation is not going to help them evade responsibility for their actions: they recruited an army of idealistic young men like Danar, turned them into killing machines, and then locked them away and did their best to forget about them.

Troi and Data urge them to consider whether the soldiers' programming can be reversed. Nayrok and his adjutant, Zayner , admit that the chemicals can be removed, but the psychological conditioning is considered irreversible.

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Even before the soldiers were trained, the government knew that was a risk they were taking — and Worf, whose warrior sensibilities are naturally outraged, asked whether the government revealed that risk to the men who volunteered to fight for their world. Underneath their sophistry, it is clear that the government never seriously tried to cure the soldiers; instead, "the people" chose to "resettle" them, "for the greater good," turning their backs on the soldiers who helped defend their way of life. Besides, Zayner adds tactlessly, they do not wish to undo the programming, because they may need the soldiers again if Angosia ever fights another war.

Just as Picard and Troi are about to detonate with anger, Danar and his fellow inmates storm into the building. Picard warns everyone not to raise their weapons. Since Danar and his fellow inmates are not being provoked, they can not willfully attack the Prime Minister or his staff. Danar demands that the Angosians fight back, rather than continue to ignore them.

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Nayrok says that the soldiers have been given the skills they need to survive, and should be able to survive on Lunar V. Danar says that is not enough: he and his comrades want their lives back, and they want to come home. Nayrok then says that he is not going to bow to a threat of violence, but promises to review their case if they surrender and return peaceably to Lunar V.

Danar laughs the offer back in his face, knowing full well that Nayrok has no intention of helping them once he has them under lock and key again. Nayrok says the Enterprise must do something about the situation, and Picard agrees — he tells the transporter room to beam the away team back aboard the ship. Picard says that, after all, he cannot interfere with the "internal security" of Angosia. He tells the government that they must make a decision regarding the fate of their veterans.

In the meantime, Picard has all the information he needs for his report, and, if the Angosians wish to reapply for Federation membership, their application will be given all due consideration. Danar seems pleased that he is being recognized and smiles at the away team as they leave. Aboard the Enterprise , Picard notes that if the government survives the night, they will be given assistance by the Federation in helping their veterans with their conditioning. When Riker asks whether the government will survive the night, Picard remarks dryly that he believes it will "choose to. And I'm fully capable of killing you as well.

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That's a terrifying thought, isn't it? Even to me. I know what he's done, but when I'm with him, I cannot believe that he is randomly and deliberately violent. In fact, inherently he has a non -violent personality. And he took about half the transporter room in the process! I'd rather talk to someone. And my improved memory allows me to remember each of those eighty-four faces.

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Can you imagine what that feels like? Danar, I'm transferring you to Angosian Security. They're en route, they will arrive shortly. I wanted to tell you I have no choice. The Prime Minister insisted, and we have no right to refuse. I am dangerous. There is no place for me in a civilized society. Double it! Hallam immediately recognizes Bonham, who feigns ignorance, and asks why he never answered any of his letters.

Bonham attacks, but in the ensuing hand-to-hand fight is beaten near unconscious. Suddenly, Hallam is shot from behind with a tranquilizer dart and the FBI task force, which had been tracking Bonham, sweeps in to capture Hallam. During his interrogation, Hallam is uncooperative and looks mainly to Bonham, who he regards as a father figure of sorts. When he begins to mention a military black operation he participated in, Bonham cuts him off for his safety.

The FBI is unsure of how to treat their would-be murder suspect, and Hallam is soon in the custody of his former JSOC fellow operators, who tell the FBI that Hallam cannot stand trial due to the classified operations he had participated in while deployed overseas as a result of his military service. While being transported, the operatives indicate that they intend to kill Hallam to ensure his silence. However, Hallam manages to kill all the operatives and escape. Alerted to the incident, Bonham and the FBI team track Hallam across the city and back into the wilderness, where Hallam consistently evades them.

As he had been taught by Bonham, he crafts an improvised knife by making a fire and forging a blade from pieces of scrap metal. Convinced that the FBI's tactics aren't working and before more men are lost, Bonham strikes out on his own to find Aaron.

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  8. Crafting his own knife out of stone, he goes into the wilderness and the search quickly becomes a fight to the death between teacher and student. In a vicious knife fight beside a waterfall, Bonham's knife is broken and he suffers severe wounds but manages to stab Hallam to death with his own knife.

    The FBI arrives too late, and Bonham walks away without saying a word. Returning to his home in British Columbia, Bonham starts to burn the letters Hallam referenced earlier, in which Hallam expressed his concerns over the things he had done as a government assassin. The story is partially inspired by a real-life incident involving Brown, who was asked to track down a former pupil and Special Forces sergeant who had evaded capture by authorities. Chapter 2 of this book,"My Frankenstein," describes Brown's tracking and fight with a former special operations veteran.

    The hand-to-hand combat and knife fighting in the film featured Filipino Martial Arts. The overall critical reaction to the movie was negative.