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Another practical source for the term comes from the early days in the life of a honey bee queen.

Your Honeymoon Is More Important Than Your Wedding -- Here's Why

Immediately after her birth within a hive, a queen bee leaves the hive over the course of several days, to meet up with multiple drones in separate drone congregation areas. She is inseminated with a lifetime of sperm, and then returns to the hive to remain there the rest of her life, laying eggs. The queen essentially goes away for a "honey-moon" and returns, ready to live the rest of her life. The centuries-old practice of beekeeping may have led to other folklore related to this "going away" before starting a life "in the hive" back at home.

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One scholarly study concluded that going on a honeymoon is associated with a somewhat lower risk of divorce , regardless of how much or little is spent on the honeymoon itself. An emerging 21st-century travel trend is the "solomoon" or "unimoon", a separate, solo holiday the newlyweds take without their spouse. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Honeymoon disambiguation.

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    Your Sunny, Lovey-Dovey Honeymoon Has a Pretty Gloomy History

    Everything you know about English is wrong. Naperville, Ill. Sometimes known as a destination wedding , the weddingmoon is a term that was coined by Sandals, which hosts many weddingmoon couples and their guests at ceremonies and celebrations every year.

    Other Caribbean all-inclusive resorts such as SuperClubs also host destination weddings, but the term weddingmoon is a Sandals trademark for the exclusive use of that resort group.

    History of the Honeymoon

    The cost of a weddingmoon can vary dramatically. Those who stay longer or bring more guests are entitled to premium perks.

    Your Bonaire Wedding and Honeymoon

    Sandals makes it easy for couples to style their destination wedding ceremony and reception without leaving home. Prices for these depend on the optional weddingmoon add-ons selected and the number of guests invited. All-Inclusive Pros and Cons. Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. Share Pin Email.

    7 Tips For Your Bonaire Wedding and Honeymoon - I Love Bonaire

    Question: What is a Weddingmoon? Another common reason you might decide to postpone your honeymoon is because of your work schedule. While most weddings take place over a weekend, chances are you'll have to take at least a few days off work to fully enjoy your big day. Michaels says, "I see a lot of couples take the week of their wedding off so taking additional time off from a job may not be an option for one or both spouses.

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    It's absolutely OK to wait until both of you have ample time to leave work without causing additional stress on either of your jobs. Even if you have an ample honeymoon budget and plenty of vacation days to enjoy, you might want to stick around to spend time with the guests who have traveled to your wedding. Michaels says, "Many couples choose to stay in town to visit with friends and family they don't often see. A wedding is an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones and it's nice to use time after a wedding to do so.

    Michaels agrees and says, "There is also just the pure exhaustion of the wedding day itself that often warrants a brief staycation in town before jumping on a plane or a train in order to fully enjoy your true vacation! If your dream honeymoon is indeed an exotic destination, deciding to wait until you have the funds, time off of work, or time to plan the trip properly could be a wise and eventually rewarding decision.