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Real Life. Hot summer landscape.

24 Painting Life Hacks You Have To Try

As Above So Below. Bohemian Mud cloth. Pineapple Pura Vida. Pura Vida Abstract.

Vincent Van Gogh: The Simple Life

Simple life. Long Horn Fine Art Photography. Longhorn at Sunset. Tree House Free House surf paradise. The tree has an idea. The Simple Life of Seagulls! Spring Flowers. Dogwood Petals.

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Ruby Red Tulips. Marigold Summer. You will find that the brighter areas sing out if you can be brave on the shadows of the petals — this will give a real weight to each bloom of flowers. Read more: add drama to your painting , A-Z of oil techniques , floral painting guides. In association with Cass Art.

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'Zen: The Art of Simple Living': Habits, ideas and hints for living a happy life | The Japan Times

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Brainstorm a list of YouTube channels you use for resources or ideas in your art room. Not only does this make it easier for you to know when they release new content, but it also helps to grow their audience.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Watch a video. As you watch videos on YouTube you like, make sure to take a moment to give them a thumbs up. Think about an art education or art-related book you read and enjoyed. Find the book on Amazon and leave a review. Tweet or share on Instagram the title and author of one of your favorite art-related books. Make sure to also tag the author. Watch an art-related documentary on Netflix or Amazon Prime, and make sure to give it a thumbs up. Remember the movie you watched recently? Share the name of the movie and why you loved it on social media.

Get your school talking about art. Have your students ask ten people outside their class why they think art matters. Make sure to have students write down the answers. This assignment will spark interesting and powerful conversations. Have your students take their favorite responses about why art matters and turn them into posters to hang around the school.

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Or, make them into images to share on social media. Teach your students how to price art. When students understand how art is priced, it allows them to be smarter consumers. Make a plan to attend a craft show. Start by checking to see if there is a guild in your area that holds a show. Look at your calendar for the next month and make a plan to attend a conference, a local art event, take an art class, or go to a gallery or museum. Bonus points: Share your plan on social media. Take time to draft an elevator pitch sharing why art matters. Bonus points: Share your elevator pitch in an Instagram story.

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